We are currently looking for this position to be filled in March-April 2020. We'd like to ask you a few questions to jump start the process and get to know you a bit. We are also currently receiving a lot of applications, so you may not hear from us immediately. Good luck with the hiring process and we'll be in touch.

What is Invisible?

-- Website: www.inv.tech

-- UX Demo (60 secs): www.inv.tech/demo

-- Digital Assembly Line Demo: www.inv.tech/daldemo

-- Client Web App Demo: www.inv.tech/clientappdemo

-- Culture Demo: www.inv.tech/therealdeck

-- Publications (Reports, Metrics, others): www.inv.tech/publications

Who are we?

We are Invisible’s Operation Team. We solve problems at scale so they never happen again. At our best, we solve problems before they happen. How?

We Believe That

-- Invisible is a world-changing company and the Operation Team is responsible for creating the systems that will launch Invisible into the stratosphere

-- Exponential gains from systems > Short term linear work > Systems for system's sake

-- Consistent feedback is key - we are addicted to learning and getting better

-- What one of us knows, all of us should know

-- Every new mistake is a learning opportunity

Because of these beliefs, we’ve built a team where

-- Distributed approaches and centralized intelligence merge. Each teammate is constantly innovating and trying something new. Every mistake is prevented by all. Every success is learned by all.

-- Each of us contains the sum of the knowledge, intelligence, and creativity of our entire team.

-- We evolve and mutate constantly like an organism, identifying successful and problematic tactics and incorporating ideas from any source.

Who we want

The right “VP of Operations” doesn’t need this job description, and won’t wake up in the morning with the thought “I am the VP of Operations at Invisible,” but with the thought: “Have we taken over the world yet?” The right person already called me and told me these words:

If operations deliver, this company will take over the world. I will personally guarantee that operations can deliver. I will build you an organization that gets better, faster and cheaper every month.

Every week I will report on our progress in painstaking detail. But the bottom line is relentless execution.

I value truth, excellence, passion, impact, transparency, vision, accountability, systemization, improvement, fairness, humility, accuracy, precision — and I will instill these values into my team and into everything we do.

We will build more processes, upgrade more processes, improve our information architecture, improve our process architecture, improve our response times, improve our execution times — everything will improve!

I have studied the conservative, moderate and aggressive targets you set for this year. I have a plan to meet the aggressive targets and think they are realistic. I have broken them down by quarter, by month, by week and by day. I know what I am doing tomorrow morning at 7 am. I know what everyone on my team is doing tomorrow at 7 am. I know what will happen by the following day at 7 am. I plan all the way to the end.

I plan, but I am flexible. I continually evolve my plans and sometimes I throw them out entirely. I have designed everything — all of my systems, my team’s culture, and my own mind — to be flexible. In a moment, everything may come down to this. As powerful as steel, as flexible as cloth.

I am first and foremost a leader of men and women. I lead teams into battle. I expect the best from everyone that works from me. I insist on an elite team. I push them all to think harder, to work harder, to be more creative, more organized, more systematic, more strategic, more efficient.

Secondly, I am a manager. I set clear objectives. I deliver feedback. I put frameworks in place. I think in systems and in spreadsheets. I know where I’m at and I know where we’re at.

Lastly, I am a cult leader, and explicitly so. Everyone on my team is obsessed with the values that I am obsessed with. Ambition, beauty, system. We operate from first principles. We write down decisions. We commit our brains to paper. We write and we read and we challenge ourselves to think and we debate intensely. We are both competitive and collaborative. We are focused on increasing the long term value of our equity. 1% of a trillion dollar company is $10 billion dollars!

The bi-product of the service is human capital increases. Agents become capable of solving increasingly difficult challenges. So we pay them more and give them less repetitive digital work. Our ability to keep leveling up the workforce, to keep finding new valuable work for them to do is a long term weapon of tremendous power.

I will send so many ideas to the technologies team, that they will be overwhelmed. I will help them prioritize and sequence them to drive operations outcomes. I will help them identify the highest leverage, most well-scoped automation opportunities across the process library. I will help them design better and better operator tools.

Details, details, details! Systems, systems, systems! Evolve, evolve, evolve! Order, order, order! Design, design, design! Supply, supply, supply! Power, power, power! Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility! Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate! Integrate, integrate, integrate! Tighten, tighten, tighten! Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! Metrics, metrics, metrics! Better, faster, cheaper! Better, faster, cheaper! BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER!

I am able to think in levels: meta, macro, micro. I can go up the scale or go down. I can take a framework that’s in place and think through the implementation details. I can extrapolate. I know what Invisible wants. I can listen to it. Tell me your strategy and I will tell you your tactics.

I welcome micromanagement, but you don’t need to manage me at all. Tell me what you want and I will figure out how to do it. Show me your enemies, and I will show you conquered men!

I train each and every person who works for me to be as I am — to be for me as I am to you. I micromanage them to an extreme level of detail until I have absolute trust in them. I point out every mistake until they almost resent it. But then, they achieve mastery. And I manage them one level up. Until the same pattern is repeated. Until all the levels are complete. And I can point them at the mountain, and say: “Go! Make that into a valley. So that I may pass through it.” And behold, a prophecy fulfilled.

“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

Show me your mountains and I will cast them into the sea!

Every new delegation from a client will give me physical pleasure. I will bathe in the delight of positive feedback.

I hear operations like music. There is a harmony to perfect coordination. Rhythm to a team that knows itself. “Musicians play their instruments, I play the orchestra!”

I believe in metrics like religion. What is measured gets managed. I am imaginative enough to think in fuzzy and subjective ways about what is not being measured, but I am systematic enough to reduce those down to qualitative metrics that are still measured in some way and reported on consistently.

I have a vision for this organization. I want to build an organization machine. Clients can be as creative as they want, and the machine can keep up. Clients can delegate as much as they want, and the machine can keep up. Agents improve forever, making the machine more powerful as they go! “A beautiful company is an end unto itself.” I want to build a beautiful company that I see when I close my eyes. This vision is always before me and I am tormented by it. I must have it or I will not be fulfilled. I will not rest, I will not die, until this, my great work is accomplished.

Why do I care so much about efficiency? Efficiency is a moral cause! Robots teach humans what humans are. The more we automate, the more we discover our true nature as gods — wielding unlimited operational power, able to command the forces of nature with our fingertips and to translate the whispers of heaven into form, as if it were an afterthought.


To lead men and women. To embody competence. To deliver. To organize. To inspire hearts and minds. To fight with grit.

These are your responsibilities.

After all of our work is accomplished, we will look upon it, and say: “Just an idea.”