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Who are we?

We are Invisible’s Technologies Team. We solve problems at scale so they never happen again. At our best, we solve problems before they happen. How?

We Believe That

-- Invisible is a world-changing company and the Technologies Team is responsible for creating the systems that will launch Invisible into the stratosphere

-- Exponential gains from systems > Short term linear work > Systems for systems sake

-- Consistent feedback is key - we are addicted to learning and getting better

-- What one of us knows, all of us should know

-- Every new mistake is a learning opportunity

Because of these beliefs, we’ve built a team where

-- Distributed approaches and centralized intelligence merge. Each teammate is constantly innovating and trying something new. Every mistake is prevented by all. Every success is learned by all.

-- Each of us contains the sum of the knowledge, intelligence, and creativity of our entire team.

-- We evolve and mutate constantly like an organism, identifying successful and problematic tactics and incorporating ideas from any source.

​​​What Does it Mean to be the Creative Director?

The right “Creative Director” doesn’t need this job description, and won’t wake up in the morning with the thought “I am the Creative Director at Invisible,” but with the thought: “Have we taken over the world yet?” The right person already called me, and told me these words:

You should hire me, because I am going to help create the most user friendly experience that’s ever been created. Steve jobs would find it hard to pick his favorite between me and Jony Ive. “Industry standards?? WHATS THAT?” Industry Standards are not my benchmark - 100% conversion is. Through my design initiatives, I will make sure Invisible achieves a client conversion rate as close to “Absolute” as possible. Every single client drop-off that happens along the conversion funnel is my responsibility - I take ownership and will make sure I follow-up and understand why that happened and I will not rest until I achieve the impossible.

I will get people to notice us and be awed! I will invite people to engage with our UI/UX and they will be so captivated sales will have a hard time keeping up. I can balance the WOW (be noticed), HOW (engage and educate) and NOW (drive action) of design.

I know that search engine optimization is about time on page and bounce rate, not about keyword stuffing or artificial link building.

I am a master with virtual paint brush. I play with colors and fonts and images. I obsess about little details be it in an email or a tweet or a online form. I’m comfortable connecting with our users and customers and love nothing more than to have them fall in love with Invisible.

I’m a wizard of simplicity. Through language, I invite people to change their point of view. I constantly seek to challenge myself, my assumptions, and build my craft.

Our clients aren’t entitled. They are right to demand the impossible from us. They are right to ask for more. To want a better experience. I can think like a client, because all I want is to be a client of Invisible. I want to be able to land on our home page for the first time and sign-up as a client in just 1 session.

I don’t just care about design, I care about people, product, experience, systems, operations and technology. I can think like a CEO. I want to be the tip of the spear, and work with every other part of the company to make sure I am open to feedback, criticism — and to help find solutions through my design magic.

What we will create together

  • A brand new and exciting Design department that will be aiming to be one of the best in the business and take Invisible at a completely new level
  • A system so good that the most junior designers on our team outperforms the most senior designers on our future team

Skills We’re Looking For:

  • 5-7 years experience in a senior or creative leadership role.
  • A solid background with experience in a creative leadership role at a digital agency environment or start-up
  • A solid background as a user experience, as you will help create and deliver the necessary wireframes for the future Invisible products
  • Effective in working with different cultures and time zones
  • As Invisible is a fully remote company, you must be able to adapt and embrace change, have a growth mindset, willingness to own problems.
  • Strong experience sourcing talent
  • Excellent consulting, speaking, listening, and presenting skills
  • An extensive portfolio that speaks for itself
  • Willing to be startup scrappy and work in a high pressure environment
  • Able to build, manage, and scale a team

Qualities We're Looking For:

  • An obsessive drive to succeed and a startup mentality
  • A high bar for excellence and professionalism
  • Confidence and enthusiasm that is infectious
  • Competitiveness
  • Resiliency
  • Honesty
  • The ability to take and give feedback
  • Desire to build a world-class experience for our clients​​​

Then apply with a cover letter explaining why 1) you are the chosen one, and 2) why you are insane and romantic enough to join us on this journey, and 3) some samples of your past work!