We are currently accepting applications from Bilingual Candidates (English / French / Spanish).

As much of the world is in chaos dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many admirable businesses that are trying to make life easier during this stressful time. One such company is a food delivery service that picks up food from restaurants and delivers it to people's doorsteps.

Invisible help them onboard new restaurants every day by taking a restaurant's menu and transcribing it into a spreadsheet that can upload to their website and be readily available to their customers within hours of the restaurant sending their menus in for review.

There are over 500 menus to transcribe per day and we're looking for eager agents to take on this opportunity!

This is a long-term opportunity (multiple years) if you are both ambitious and humble, passionate and patient.

What is required for this job?

— Proficiency in English and Ability to Write and Read French and / or ability to read and write Spanish.

— Decent Internet (>25 Mbps Download and >5 Mbps Upload as a minimum)

— Fast at typing (a minimum of 30 words per minute with 0 errors)

— Some past experience with spreadsheets or transcription

— A hunger to learn

— Availability of at least 8 hours per day, Monday-Friday

System Specifications:

— Laptop/Desktop not more than 10 years old.

— Windows 10 or a MAC Operating System.

— Minimum 8GB's of RAM

— Make sure that your AMD/i3/i5/i7 processor supports Hyperthreading/Simultaneous Multithreading or similar technology

— A working camera and microphone

What would be an added bonus?

— Any extensive experience with spreadsheets and spreadsheet formulas

— An engineering background

— Experience with extracting restaurant menus


— Compensation is results-based, meaning you are paid when you complete a menu build.
Menu builds are priced between $2.58 to $12.50, which factors out to an hourly rate of between $2.50 and $5.50 per hour depending on speed and quality of work