What is Invisible?

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Who are we?

We are Invisible’s Technologies Team. We solve problems at scale so they never happen again. At our best, we solve problems before they happen. How?

We Believe That

-- Invisible is a world-changing company and the Technologies Team is responsible for creating the systems that will launch Invisible into the stratosphere

-- Exponential gains from systems > Short term linear work > Systems for systems sake

-- Consistent feedback is key - we are addicted to learning and getting better

-- What one of us knows, all of us should know

-- Every new mistake is a learning opportunity

Because of these beliefs, we’ve built a team where

-- Distributed approaches and centralized intelligence merge. Each teammate is constantly innovating and trying something new. Every mistake is prevented by all. Every success is learned by all.

-- Each of us contains the sum of the knowledge, intelligence, and creativity of our entire team.

-- We evolve and mutate constantly like an organism, identifying successful and problematic tactics and incorporating ideas from any source.

Who We Want

-- Trainers who love to teach and create content. Fast.

-- Polymaths and independent thinkers

-- Someone who is unlike anyone else on the team


What does it mean to be the Training Manager?



The right Training Manager doesn’t need this job description, and won’t wake up in the morning with the thought “I am the Training Manager at Invisible,” but with the thought: “Have we taken over the world yet?” The right person already called me, and told me these words:

You should bring me on as a partner, because without me, you won’t be able to train as fast as you need to train to keep growing at this breakneck pace!

These are your responsibilities:

To see beyond the average. To train an army. To identify and select the most innovative, crazy, passionate, and skilled agents. To design order. To narrate. To identify and evolve our brand. To partake in warfare. To distribute all, everywhere. To bring clarity. To build incentives. To define objectives. To innovate.

Show and Tell. Show me what you have and I’ll show you all the shortcomings - that’s the easy part, but I will actually show you solutions for each of those shortcoming and some more. I will create content - that is engaging/educative and also easy to follow and scalable. I don’t need help to create/reviewing/updating training material or troubleshooting.

Process. I will build processes so as to systematically update/tweak/create content as we scale or upgrade our product. I will systemize them and deploy training in the most efficient way possible. I will create videos/posts/blogs/webinar whatever it takes to train that even my mom can become the indispensable Invisible Agent! I’ll make sure there are systems/checks/process and make sure they are working on and make sure they can be scaled infinitely.

Management. I will make sure Agents are efficient and trained enough to take on challenges confidently. I’ll make sure agents are accountable and graduating successfully. Own the entire training process.

Leadership. I will lead training and delegation. Develop a culture of craftsmanship, communicate the vision to our agents who will want to work at Invisible


To see beyond the average. To build an army. To select the most innovative, crazy, passionate, and skilled. To design order. To narrate. To identify and evolve our brand. To partake in warfare. To distribute all, everywhere. To bring clarity. To build incentives. To define objectives. To innovate.

These are your responsibilities.



As Training Manager, you are the “CEO of Training”.

You will report to Erinn (V.P of Development).

You will self-report, so that you can spend more of your time innovating, leading, deciding, and creating.

You will help build the world’s largest, most sophisticated Training Team under you.


This is what it means to be the Training Manager at Invisible.


Why should I become the Training Manager?



You shouldn’t join the company.

This is why you shouldn’t work with us: Link

If you are still not convinced, this is our reverse-sell as to why you shouldn’t join the company: Link